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Frequently Asked Questions.

Tray is a TechNE Group product that aims at introducing real-time food ordering service to Ghana. It is a differentiator in that it boasts a turnkey digital strategy that seeks to combine a mix of online-to-offline capabilities in a seamless journey on TechNE's digital engagement platform. 

We are currently busy working on the details and expect to launch our services in Accra very soon. This is the begining of a delightful customer experience in the food space. Stay tuned! 

You place an order via our website or App. Both websites and App provide continued experience. You can start your order process on your desktop computer and finish it on a tablet or smartphone. 

The Ordering systems has been optimized to ensure that we can keep you adequately well informed of the status of your order and as well transit time. 

Restaurants and food vendors are partners on our platform, and follow a standard framework that ensures consistent experience across our services. Payments are also made via online platforms using your Ghana Bank cards -- preferable Visa or MasterCard or MobileMoney. Payments are processed and in real-time to effectively complete your order process. 

A great question with a simple answer. Restaurants that join the TechNE Tray platform get to expand their reach, as is with any other platform, but with a better settlement and service delivery experience. 

Our delivery couriers are managed and tracked in a way to ensure customers ordering from restaurants overcome the usual pain of having to wait a long time to receive their orders. 

Our smart approach is to effectively bring adoption of digital to all restaurants in a way that removes the entry barriers, ensures focus on  core business and offers delightful engagement touchpoint -- either by any device being used. 

  • Real-time order tracking
  • Intelligent Smartphone experience
  • Seamless device handoff -- meaning you can start on one device and finish on another
  • Rewards and promotions
  • Order and be assured of the deliver through real-time fulfimment in the App and on the website
  • Simply stay online -- no need to have to call the restaurants to check on your order. Status of the order will be updated to you via the App or website in real-time. 
  • The price quoted on our sites for food or cuisines are costs directly provided by restaurants or fast food shops. We don't markup
  • Cost of an order will include the delivery cost which will be clearly stated in the order screen before you complete an order.
  • Our Carts will provide a total cost before you make payment.
The beauty of digital orders for food is to avoid the ancillary costs that exist in traditional restaurants. there is no waiter in the value chain which means you avoid the need to pay extra commissions. 
Please check our terms and conditions section.
We offer a unique experience that is worth trying.
Yes. Please send submit a request via our contact form.
For restaurants: A notification will be sent to the restaurant management portal.

For customers: The order status page completes the order. 

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  • Text us:25456
    Call Food Bakery+233 54 212 8908
  • AddressAccra

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